Rapid Fit Metal Riser Door - 2 Hour Fire Rated From Both Sides

R51-120-MD-PF-L12A (Also Available Beaded Frame)


Our unique Rapid Fit hinge system has revolutionised the riser door Access Panel by reducing door fitting times on site by as much as 95%. Say goodbye to old Piano Hinge technology and say hello to future of riser doors Access Panels!

Wall Access Panel, Supplied with the Rapid Fit Hinge System, 1.2mm Thick Door Leaf, 1.5mm Thick Frame, 2 Hour Fire Rated, Metal Faced Door, 25mm wide Picture Frame, 3 Point Locking System, Single Door Unit, Powder Coated RAL 9010 30% Gloss, the 1st dimension stated is the hinge side.  

This panel has a Fire Test Certificate from both sides up to 2400x900mm in a Wall application covered by Fire Certificate Number WF429889 tested in accordance with BSEN 1634-1: 2014 and BSEN 1363-1:2012. 
Anything above these sizes will be manufactured to the same construction as tested

RapidFit Hinge System
120 Minutes Fire Rated From Both Sides
Picture Frame


Minimum Size - 0300 x 0300mm

Maximum Size Single Door - 2400x0900mm

Maximum Size Double Door - 2400x1800mm

Maximum Size 3 Door - 2400x2400mm

Make sure the structural opening is at least 7mm larger than the panel size, back of frame size. E.G a 600x600mm panel size requires a 607x607mm hole size. Remove the door from the frame and place the frame into the set hole. Fix through the appropriate fixing holes within the fold up fixing tabs ensuring the frame is pushed up against the structural opening surround. Check the frame is square by measuring corner to corner. Refit door and lock in place; the door and frame should be flush. Independent bracing or support may be required to take the weight of the Access Panel. Apply Intumescent acrylic mastic on both faces of the frame, nominally 5mm wide sealing to the supporting construction.

3 Way Lock
5MB 5mm Bit
ATL KeyRetaining Lock
EP 3 Point Euro Lock

FlipFix, the fastest way to install an Access Panel

With our unique Fitting Device, Mitreless Frame and new Flush Lock system. FlipFix Access Panels are 5 times quicker to fit compared to a traditional panel saving you 80% on fitting costs. No screws or glue required and no need for bracing or supports just cut, fit and flip!

Now With The New Flush Lock
Available In 1 & 2 Hour Fire Rating
Fastest Panel Installation