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How to create your specific access panel

19th May 2022

Selecting the right access panel to suit your needs can be daunting, which is why we put together our handy Access Panel Builder – this tool walks you through nine simple questions, and offers a select number of answers in each category to help narrow down and filter the Access Panel Solutions we offer, to best suit your requirements.

What Orientation do you require?

The first step in creating an access panel that suits your specific need, is deciding if the access panel is to be inserted into a wall or the ceiling. With that in mind, we begin our walkthrough with the same question, giving users two simple options to pick between a wall or a ceiling. Once an option has been selected, the builder moves on to the next step.

What Panel Face do you require?

After selecting where the access panel will be going, the next step is to choose the panel face that is needed. Our builder offers a choice of three Panel Faces, including metal, plasterboard and tile.

What Frame Type do you require?

Following selecting either a metal, plasterboard or tile panel face, the builder will then take you to selecting either a picture or beaded frame. Beaded frames are best suited to being fitted into walls or ceilings that have yet to be plastered over or tiled, concealing the frame in the surrounding wall or ceiling. Alternatively, picture frames are designed to sit against the surface that they are installed on.

Do you need it to be Fire-Rated?

Not all access panels come with a fire-rating, so we wouldn’t expect you to always need one. When using our Access Panel Builder, you can pick between six different fire-rating options, including:

  • Non-Fire-Rated
  • 1 Hour Fire-Rated
  • 90 Minutes Fire-Rated
  • 2 Hour Fire-Rated
  • 3 Hour Fire-Rated
  • 4 Hour Fire-Rated

Do you need an Acoustic Rating?

Sometimes you may need to ensure that the access panel you select has the ability to limit sounds, which is why the next step in the Panel Builder gives you the option to pick between eight different acoustic ratings, including:

  • Zero decibels
  • 30 decibels
  • 33 decibels
  • 36 decibels
  • 37 decibels
  • 40 decibels
  • 46 decibels
  • 48 decibels

Do you need an Airtight Panel?

This section of the builder offers two options; airtight or not airtight.

Airtight access panels work best for projects that need to ensure a limit of air transfer between 2 areas.

Which type of Lock do you require?

Choosing the right type of lock for your access panel is important, which is why we give you the option to pick between 14 different locks, with varying levels of security. Some of the locks shown at this stage include:

  • Flush Lock
  • 3 Way Lock
  • Key Retaining Lock
  • Castellated Key Lock
  • Touch Catch
  • Lockable Chrome Handle
  • Lockable Pull Catch

Which type of Paint Colour do you need?

This section of the builder allows you to choose a specific Ral colour. White Ral 9010 is our standard colour however we offer do stock other Ral options and can offer bespoke colours and primed for onsite decoration if required.  

What size do you require?

In this section, simply enter the height and width in millimeter measurements for the builder to best calculate the access panel to suit the size.

Once you have gone through all of the questions presented by our Access Panel Builder, you will then be taken to a page with a selection of access panels that have been tailored to your requirements based on how you have answered the questions.

If you still don’t know what Access Panel is best suited to your needs, you can contact our expert sales team for assistance.

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