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Where can Access Panels be used?

25th October 2022

Access panels are easily removable doors or panels that conceal unsightly building engineering works such as shut-off valves or pipework or drains that may be needed to be accessed for repairs on the odd occasion.

General-purpose access panels

One of the most popular types of access panels across all environments is the general-purpose access panel. This type of panel, as in its name, is great for an array of different environments. General-purpose access panels can be adjusted and adapted to suit any areas where security and fire safety are not massive concerns.

Access panels for plumbing

In both domestic and commercial environments, access panels are frequently used to gain access to plumbing compartments. Plumbing is one of those areas that frequently needs maintenance, and if there is no access panel installed, it would mean having to remove and then re-patch and re-paint the drywall area. Installing an access panel for plumbing removes that effort as well as allows for easy inspection should the pipework require maintenance.

Access panels for lofts

While these are often overlooked, and only used on odd occasion, access panels for lofts often play an important role in preventing heat loss in both domestic, commercial and office buildings. Some loft panels can be fitted with an internal loft ladder, which removes the need to get the ladder out of storage to get into the loft. With a Rapid Access access panel for lofts, you can be assured that our access panels are always well insulated, with the option to pick between a picture or beaded frame, and can be fitted with an array of lock options to best suit the project’s needs.

Access panels for office and commercial settings

Office environments contain numerous important documents and are often the hub of activity for your business, so it is important to be able to access components when they need regular maintenance. Access panels can be a great way to ensure easy access to hidden parts.

Access panels to provide additional space

Depending on the area they are installed in, access panels can provide the opportunity to expand the office storage space, or  find additional storage space for odd bits in your home. Once access has been gained to the wall, you will be able to add insulation to that area with the intention of storing documents.

If energy efficiency is at the heart of your business, you may be interested in energy efficient access panels. These are best suited to offices that are situated near the roof area of the building.  

At Rapid Access, we have a range of easy to install access panels, suitable for a plethora of uses. To see which access panel best suits your needs, why not use our access panel builder to create a bespoke access panel for your build. Alternatively, get in touch with our technical support team by using our online contact form, or calling 024 7632 8811.

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