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MHU Torbay Hospital

MHU - Torbay Hospital, Newton Road, Torquay, Devon, TQ2 7AA

The exciting project will see the hospital receive a modern and fit-for-purpose AMU which will be split over two levels. This will allow for patients with different levels of care to be treated in the most appropriate setting.

The centre for the Devon Partnership NHS Trust at the hospital site off Newton Road in Torquay is designed to help solve the shortage of mental health beds in the area. The £8million NHS funding for the unit was announced in December 2018.

Torbay Mental Health Unit (previously Haytor Unit) | DPT

MHU Torbay Hospital, a leading healthcare facility on the South Devon coast, is dedicated to providing high-quality medical care and services to the community. Ensuring efficient access to critical infrastructure was a priority for hospital management, aimed at enhancing patient care and operational efficiency. This case study highlights the successful partnership between MHU Torbay Hospital and Rapid Access Ltd, a trusted supplier of access panels, to streamline infrastructure access within the hospital.


1. Access to Vital Infrastructure: MHU Torbay Hospital's complex infrastructure system includes electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and data networks. Timely access to these systems was crucial for maintenance and repairs.

2. Infection Control: Maintaining stringent infection control measures within a healthcare facility was a top priority. The hospital needed access panels that met hygienic standards.

3. Efficiency and Patient Care: The hospital aimed to reduce downtime during maintenance, ensuring that essential systems were operational, minimizing patient inconvenience, and improving the quality of care.


Rapid Access Ltd, a renowned provider of access panels, was selected to address the specific requirements of MHU Torbay Hospital. The solution included the installation of custom-designed access panels, meeting the following criteria:

1. Hygienic Design: Pro-Access Solutions provided access panels with materials and finishes that met strict hygiene standards, allowing easy cleaning and minimizing the risk of infection transmission.

2. Quick Accessibility: The installation of strategically located access panels allowed hospital staff to swiftly access vital infrastructure systems, reducing maintenance downtime and enhancing operational efficiency.

3. Custom Solutions: Access panels were tailored to match the hospital's interior aesthetics, ensuring a cohesive and clean appearance in patient areas.


Our timeline - Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust



The implementation of the access panels by Rapid Access Ltd involved close collaboration with the hospital's facilities management and maintenance teams. The project was executed with minimal disruption to hospital operations, ensuring that patient care remained a top priority.


The collaboration between MHU Torbay Hospital and Rapid Access Ltd successfully addressed the hospital's need for efficient infrastructure access while prioritizing infection control and patient care. The installation of access panels significantly improved operational efficiency and hygiene standards within the hospital, reaffirming the importance of selecting the right access solutions provider to meet the unique needs of healthcare facilities.

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