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Dual Purpose - Non Fire Rated - Beaded Frame


Supplied with our patented FlipFix fitting device and flush lock, this access panel comes with a metal face, suited for environments prone to heavy impact, build up of moisture and humidity. Dual-purpose means that in addition to access to utilities, our access panels offer secondary function use. For example, fixtures for integrated lighting or a surface for incorporation of electrical outlets and USB ports.

The frame type for this access panel is beaded, and this is a good choice to go for if you are wanting to maintain the professional look of an environment. This type of frame is also suited for seamless integration, much like picture frames, and is useful in spaces where design cohesiveness is especially important.

Environments where access panels are usually found can be at a risk of hazards such as fire. For this reason, we also have a range of fire-rated access panels ranging from 30-minutes all the way up to 4 hours of protection against fire damage. Take a look on our panel builder to see our full range.

Patented FlipFix Device
Beaded Frame
New Flush Bung Lock

Stock Sizes                           Bespoke

0150 x 0150mm             Minimum Size - 0150 x 0150mm

0200 x 0200mm           Maximum Size - 1200 x 0600mm

0300 x 0300mm

0450 x 0450mm

0550 x 0550mm

0600 x 0300mm

0600 x 0600mm

0900 x 0600mm 

1200 x 0600mm


Make sure the structural opening is at least 5mm larger than the panel size, back of frame size. E.G a 600x600mm panel size requires a 605x605mm hole size. You don't need to remove the door, just open the panel using the budget lock key provided, place the panel into the aperture. Tighten the FlipFix device via the fixing screw behind the door leaf to clamp on the back of the plasterboard (The FlipFix device covers boards from 8mm to 32mm) Check the frame is square by measuring corner to corner. Lock the door in place; the door and frame should be flush. Sit back and relax, you've just saved yourself 20 minutes. (Please note that it is important that prior to applying the plaster skim coat, a joint filler and a scrim tape is applied over the junction between the beaded frame and the plasterboard in order to prevent cracking of the skim coat)

Flush Lock (Maximum Size 1200x600mm)
Budget Lock
5mm Bit
Key Retaining Lock
Suited Key Lock
Castellated Key Lock
Touch Catch

FlipFix, the fastest way to install an Access Panel

With our unique Fitting Device, Mitreless Frame and new Flush Lock system. FlipFix Access Panels are 5 times quicker to fit compared to a traditional panel saving you 80% on fitting costs. No screws or glue required and no need for bracing or supports just cut, fit and flip!

Now With The New Flush Lock
Available In 1 & 2 Hour Fire Rating
Fastest Panel Installation