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Development, Woodpecker Close

New Extra Care Development, Woodpecker Close, Upton, Merseyside, CH49 4QQ

The construction of a 78-apartment Extra Care facility for residents over the age of 55 off Woodpecker Close in Upton, Wirral, posed the challenge of ensuring efficient utility access while maintaining the well-being and security of its residents. This case study highlights the successful collaboration between the Woodpecker Close Extra Care Facility project and Rapid Access Ltd, a leading supplier of metal door access panels.

Woodpecker Close Extra Care Scheme, Wallasey - Natural Dimensions

When the development is complete, Alpha will relocate their head office to the site as the building also incorporates an open plan office, a boardroom and a hub space along with a kitchen / breakout area for staff. The gardens have been designed to create a quiet contained sanctuary for residents to encourage socialising and wellbeing


1. Utility Access: The Extra Care facility required reliable access to essential utility systems, including plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and telecommunications, to ensure the well-being of its residents.

2. Safety and Security: Resident safety and security were paramount. Access to utility areas needed to be controlled and protected to prevent unauthorized entry and minimize risks.

3. Aging Population: With residents over the age of 55, the project required access solutions that were user-friendly and accommodated potential mobility challenges.


Rapid Access Ltd, known for their expertise in access solutions, was chosen to address the specific needs of the Woodpecker Close Extra Care Facility project. The solution included the installation of metal door access panels, designed to meet the following criteria:

1. Metal Door Panels: Rapid Access Ltd provided access panels with metal doors, offering durability and enhanced security for utility access.

2. Safety Measures: Advanced locking mechanisms were incorporated to ensure controlled access and prevent unauthorized entry, prioritizing the safety and security of residents.

3. User-Friendly Design: The access panels were designed with features that made them user-friendly, catering to the potential mobility challenges of the aging population.


Poppyfields, Saughall Massie - Alpha Living



The installation of metal door access panels by Rapid Access Ltd was carried out in close coordination with the project management team of the Woodpecker Close Extra Care Facility. The project was executed with careful consideration for the residents' comfort, ensuring that their well-being remained the top priority.


The collaboration between the Woodpecker Close Extra Care Facility project and Rapid Access Ltd successfully addressed the need for secure and efficient utility access in an environment focused on the well-being and comfort of an aging population. The installation of metal door access panels played a crucial role in ensuring safety and convenience, highlighting the importance of selecting the right access solutions provider to meet the unique needs of specialized residential facilities for seniors.

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