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Crown House

Crown House - Mixed Development, Cambridge Road, Barking, IG11 8HG

The development will deliver 400 high quality new homes, each with their own private amenity space. More than 60% of the homes will be dual aspect and approximately 40% of the new homes will be affordable. The Crown House development will create a vibrant and engaging place to live, in the centre of Barking and within easy reach of central London. The development will enhance the local area and greatly improve a poorly maintained site key to Barking’s regeneration.


Building - Crown House

Crown House, a thriving mixed development on Cambridge Road, stands as a vibrant blend of residential and commercial spaces. The challenge faced by its management was to facilitate efficient access to vital utility infrastructure while upholding the property's contemporary aesthetic standards. This case study highlights the successful partnership between Crown House and Rapid Access Ltd, a leading supplier of access panels, in improving utility access throughout the development.


1. Utility Access: Crown House comprises diverse utility systems, such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and telecommunications, all requiring regular maintenance and servicing. Ensuring swift and accessible entry for maintenance personnel was paramount.

2. Aesthetic Integration: Crown House takes pride in its modern and sophisticated architectural design. Any modifications were expected to seamlessly blend with the property's overall aesthetic appeal.

3. Versatility: The development's unique spaces and structural configurations required access solutions to be versatile, meeting specific requirements for each location.


Rapid Access Ltd, recognized for its expertise in providing access solutions, was selected to address the distinctive needs of Crown House. The proposed solution involved the installation of tailor-made access panels designed to meet the following criteria:

1. Aesthetic Harmony: Access panels were meticulously customized to align with Crown House's contemporary architectural style, preserving its aesthetic appeal and creating a consistent, refined appearance.

2. Quick Accessibility: Access panels were strategically placed, ensuring swift and efficient access to utility systems, thus reducing maintenance duration and minimizing inconvenience to residents and businesses.

3. Versatile Solutions: Rapid Access Ltd offered a range of access panels suited to various spaces within the development, ensuring a tailored solution for each location.


Building - Crown House


The implementation of access panels by Rapid Access Ltd involved close collaboration with Crown House's property management and maintenance teams. The project was executed with minimal disruption to the comfort and satisfaction of residents and businesses.


The collaboration between Crown House and Rapid Access Ltd was a resounding success, addressing the need for efficient utility access while respecting the development's contemporary and sophisticated architectural style. The installation of access panels solidified Crown House's reputation as a well-managed, aesthetically pleasing mixed development, underscoring the importance of selecting the right access solutions provider to meet the unique needs of modern properties.

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