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Hilton Brighton Metropole

Hilton Brighton Metropole, 126 Kings Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 2FU

Iconic seafront hotel, Hilton Brighton Metropole, has undergone a £26 million pound refurbishment and announced the opening of a brand-new Presidential Suite.

The stunning Victorian hotel, located in the heart of vibrant Brighton was designed by Alfred Waterhouse who also created the Natural History Museum in London. Hilton Brighton Metropole has seen a refurbishment to all the bedrooms, meetings and events spaces, public areas, reception, lobby, restaurant and bar.

Hilton Brighton Metropole unveils multi million pound refurbishment |  Hospitality Interiors

The Hilton Brighton Metropole is an iconic hotel situated on the picturesque Brighton seafront. With its grandeur and historic charm, the hotel has been a sought-after destination for tourists and event organizers. To maintain its reputation for exceptional service and safety, the hotel management sought a solution to improve access to essential building infrastructure while ensuring guest safety. This case study outlines the successful partnership between the Hilton Brighton Metropole and Rapid Access Ltd, a leading supplier of access panels and riser doors, to enhance the hotel's accessibility and safety.


1. Access to Infrastructure: The Hilton Brighton Metropole has an extensive infrastructure system that includes electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Quick and safe access to these systems was essential for maintenance and repairs.

2. Guest Safety: Ensuring the safety of hotel guests was a top priority. The hotel needed to minimize the potential risks associated with unauthorized access to utility areas.

3. Architectural Integration: The hotel's historical architecture is a key attraction. Any modifications needed to blend seamlessly with the hotel's aesthetic.


Rapid Access Ltd, a renowned provider of access panels and riser doors, was selected to manufacure the Hilton Brighton Metropole's specific needs. The chosen solutions included the installation of custom-made access panels and riser doors that met the following criteria:

1. Safe and Secure: Rapid Access Ltd provided riser doors equipped with advanced locking mechanisms, ensuring that only authorized personnel could access utility areas.

2. Customization: The access panels were custom-designed to blend seamlessly with the hotel's historical interior, preserving its aesthetic appeal.

3. Quick Access: The installation of strategically placed access panels allowed hotel staff to gain swift access to essential infrastructure systems, reducing downtime and ensuring efficient maintenance.


DoubleTree by Hilton Brighton Metropole



The implementation of the access panels and riser doors by Rapid Access Ltd involved close collaboration with the hotel's management and maintenance teams. The project was executed with minimal disruption to ongoing hotel operations, ensuring that guests continued to enjoy their stay without inconvenience.


The collaboration between the Hilton Brighton Metropole and Rapid Access Ltd proved to be a successful endeavor, addressing the hotel's need for improved accessibility and safety without compromising its architectural charm. The installation of access panels and riser doors contributed to the hotel's reputation for providing a secure and enjoyable experience for its guests while streamlining maintenance operations. This case study highlights the importance of choosing the right access solutions provider to meet the unique needs of historical and iconic establishments.

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