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Park Wall Falmer Cottages

Park Wall Falmer Cottages - Student Accommodation, 41-42 Park Wall Cottages, Brighton, BN1 9SD

Falmer Cottages will accommodate 71 students across 55 en-suite and 16 studio rooms with a large communal area located on the ground floor along with laundry facilities, a reception and a main entrance.


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Park Wall Falmer Cottages, a thriving student accommodation complex nestled in a serene corner of Falmer, faced the challenge of enhancing utility access while preserving the property's aesthetic charm. This case study showcases the successful partnership between Park Wall Falmer Cottages and Rapid Access Ltd, a renowned supplier of metal and plaster door access panels and riser doors, aimed at improving accessibility and aesthetics within the complex.


1. Utility Access: The student accommodation complex housed various utility systems, including plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and telecommunications. Ensuring swift and efficient access for maintenance personnel was crucial.

2. Aesthetic Considerations: The architectural character of Park Wall Falmer Cottages was vital. Any changes or installations needed to seamlessly integrate with the complex's overall aesthetics.

3. Diverse Solutions: The complex comprised a range of spaces, each with distinct spatial and functional requirements. The access solutions had to be versatile enough to cater to these varying needs.


Rapid Access Ltd, known for its expertise in providing access solutions, was selected to address the unique requirements of Park Wall Falmer Cottages. The solution involved the installation of customized access panels and riser doors, meeting the following criteria:

1. Metal and Plaster Door Panels: Rapid Access Ltd provided a combination of metal and plaster door access panels and riser doors. The choice of material was based on the specific needs and spaces within the complex.

2. Aesthetic Integration: Access panels and riser doors were meticulously tailored to complement the architectural style of Park Wall Falmer Cottages, preserving the property's aesthetic appeal and creating a harmonious look.

3. Versatility: Rapid Access Ltd offered a range of access solutions designed to accommodate the diverse requirements of different areas within the complex.


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The implementation of access panels and riser doors by Rapid Access Ltd was executed in close collaboration with the property management of Park Wall Falmer Cottages. The project was conducted with minimal disruption to residents, ensuring their continued comfort and satisfaction.


The collaboration between Park Wall Falmer Cottages and Rapid Access Ltd proved to be a resounding success, addressing the need for enhanced accessibility while maintaining the property's distinctive architectural appeal. The installation of metal and plaster door access panels and riser doors enhanced the complex's reputation as a well-managed and aesthetically pleasing student accommodation, underscoring the importance of selecting the right access solutions provider to meet the unique needs of diverse spaces within modern properties.

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