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Riser Doors: A Comprehensive Guide

21st July 2023

It may not be immediately apparent, but various types of access panels, including riser doors, are present in buildings across a multitude of industries. They're found in locations ranging from residential homes to commercial offices, providing crucial access for maintaining the concealed infrastructure within these structures. Riser doors, in particular, fulfil a distinct purpose, proving invaluable in multi-story buildings.

Superficially, riser doors resemble any other access panel—unobtrusive, easy to operate, securable, and often fire-rated for increased safety. So, what sets them apart from the broad range of access panels provided by Rapid Access? Keep reading to find out!


What is a riser door?

A riser door, which is also known as a riser panel, is an access door. They serve a distinct purpose: riser doors provide access to a building’s vertical shafts or risers, which house plumping, electric cabling, HVAC ducts, and other utilities.

Riser doors are often found in commercial buildings eg student accommodation, hospitals, hotels etc where vertical utilities are more common.

It's important to note that vertical shafts or risers can increase the risk of fire spreading vertically due to the hollowness of the shaft. Hot air, smoke, and flames can spread to higher floors through risers, a phenomenon known as the “stack effect”. Fire safety regulations typically require risers to be enclosed and fire-stopped, making fire-rated riser doors especially common.


How do riser doors differ from other kinds of access panel?

The variety of access panels available to install in your building can make it confusing to tell the difference between different kinds of doors. The truth is that most access panels have the same basic capabilities but can be enhanced or improved with various features. Riser doors are no exception to this rule.

  • Discreet access panels come in many different forms, including our own plasterboard access panels. Many panels are manufactured to blend in with different kinds of material.
  • Similarly, Beaded frame access panels are supplied with a decorative beaded frame that can be covered with plaster or joint compound for improved aesthetics.
  • Security access panels come with additional security features like robust locking systems or are made from heavy-duty material. Riser doors are often fitted with these features, since they provide access to critical building services.
  • Gas flue panels are designed to provide access to the flue of a gas boiler, making them a niche but important feature of some buildings.


Rapid Access riser doors

At Rapid Access, we specialise in providing bespoke access panels and riser doors to the manufacturing and distribution industry. Our products are used in walls and ceilings in a wide range of specifications such as fire rated, acoustic, airtight and smoke sealed. If you’re interested in working with us to install your next set of riser doors, we’d be happy to hear from you. We provide support for every quote we send and we tailor our suggestions based on your needs and requirements.

Get in touch with us by phone (024 7632 8811), email ([email protected]) or by filling out our enquiry form and we’ll make sure to find the access panel solution that’s right for you.

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